Throw it to the bin, just that simple.


Don’t we all like to go abroad and taking pictures around there? Europe, US, Singapore, or even Malaysia have been everyone’s favourite spot to visit. Why do we feel excited to stay longer abroad and feel less in our homecountry instead? Many young indonesians are taking opportunities to study abroad and to have chances to live there. Why so? What makes our country is less attractive than those? One simple answer is the quality of life.

One aspect that can define whether a country has a better quality is the way they manage waste. yes, waste. Never any waste will make a place is fine to be seen. Never it will contribute to healthier environment. Never it makes any person feel comfortable to stay in. If so, why it seems that Indonesians feel the other way around? That it is okay for us to live in a place where garbage thrown on the streets. Why we feel secure when we buy groceries next to a huge srap heap? Why dont we feel annoyed to see people litter in any where they like?

Throw it to the bin, just that simple.


Its been a common scene everywhere in the country where people pleased to littler anywhere they like. they might think that somebody will pick those up and put them in the right bin. they possibly think that authority already has its crews to do that kind of stuff. If we consider this as one individual’s thought, its might be not a big deal. but what if we say that everyone are thinking the same?

Make a move then. Throw any waste to the bin, just that simple. Period.

are you dare enough to try?

(Akhiruddin Panyalai)


3 respons untuk ‘Throw it to the bin, just that simple.

    • thanks for sharing thought 🙂 people might consider that environment shud be merely government’s issue. thats totally wrong. we are all responsible for the surrounding we live in.


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