My very first #fiksimini

One of the great things to join Twitter is that we can actually have productive posts better than what Facebook can offer to us.

there’s this account named @fiksimini publishing 140 chars limited tweets about fiction story made by more than 34,174 folllowers. only the chosen ones will be retweeted by the editor. It provides different main topics everyday to explore.

Long before i tweet my first mention to @fiksimini, i was just the observer and the devoted reader. i didnt actually be an active follower. i didnt have gut to make or to start to make a mini fiction. In fact, i’d rather post my jokes –which were in english – instead of publishing my Bahasa #fiksimini. yes, i wasnt ready for publication, to be precise, i wasnt ready to be rejected by @fiksimini’s editor.

and this story was all began with the topic MONEY, or UANG…

finally i had the gut to create my very first #fiksimini, i wrote :

ATM BERJALAN. jelang lebaran tiba-tiba Pak Bupati kedatangan banyak tamu berdasi.

and surprisingly, @fiksimini then RETWEETED my #fiksimini ! that was really wonderful ! meant that my #fiksimini was one of the best. Yay ! here’s the proof 🙂


and as the bonus, other people on Twitter reviewed :


since then, i regularly post my #fiksimini stories to @fiksimini regardless they would RETWEET them or not 😉


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